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Celebrating over 70 Years
Supporting St. Louis Non-Profits

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Our Focus Areas

Educational Opportunities

Catholic elementary and secondary education for disadvantaged youth

Amelioration of
Sickness & Distress

Health care organizations that treat under-served populations

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Promotion of
Public Welfare

Services for the poor and assisting mothers who choose life for unborn children

Religious Advancement

Religious orders that uphold a Catholic presence in low-income communities and provide spiritual services to those in need

Mission Statement

For the amelioration of human poverty, sickness, and distress, for the advancement of education, science, and learning, for the promotion of the public welfare and for the advancement of religion and the realization of Christ's Kingdom on earth, all for the greater glory of God.
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Our History

To me, a home consecrated to God, with all its members looking to Him for direction, planning together, playing together, praying together...survives the years with joy.

Charles F. Vatterott Vatterott Foundation Co-Founder

Established in 1948 by Charles F. and Joseph H. Vatterott, the Vatterott Foundation provides funding to non-profit organizations located in the greater St. Louis area that share in the family foundation's focus areas and mission.

Joesph Vatterott, Vatterott Foundation Co-Founder
Joesph H. Vatterott
Charles F. Vatterott, Vatterott Foundation Co-Founder
Charles F. Vatterott

During a time in which anti-racist dissent often resulted in perilous consequences, the Vatterott Foundation worked to preserve the dignity of all people. Since its first donation to the Catholic Interracial Council on October 27, 1948, the Vatterott Foundation remains a committed advocate in promoting racial justice.

Our home, while never destitute, was poor but always happy. Our parents insisted on us unselfishness and the blessings of poverty; dignity of men; the nobility of labor and—in full bloom—sense of responsibility.

Charles F. Vatterott Vatterott Foundation Co-Founder

For many years the Foundation supported the Holy Angels School in Kinloch by contributing monthly to pay for the salary of the school principal. In that way, the Foundation has helped to maintain a Catholic presence in one of the most needy areas of St. Louis County.

Today the Vatterott Foundation Trustees work to keep the founders' humanitarian and religious spirit alive through their grant-making.

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